Full Stack Developer

  • Tartu/Tallinn, Estonia

Full Stack Developer

Job description

Being a small but highly motivated team that has huge ambitions we really want you to share the same ambition - build the best product development house there is in the region.


That requires experience to share with the team. But foremost, it requires to have the same attitude as we have - goal-oriented and problem-solving. You need to be a team player and we want you to commit.


Your regular day will be:

  • discussing the requirements with the PM and the clients for projects around the globe

  • coming out with bright ideas how to resolve our clients' business challenges with the tools of IT

  • engineering to make products out of bright ideas

  • crafting working products based on rough mock-ups or wireframes and basic spec
  • taking the responsibility to deliver your work in a timely manner and high quality
  • constantly learning and sharing your ideas on how to become better as a team
  • exceeding the expectations


In order to make it happen, you:

  • will be given the best tools
  • will have a supportive team behind and around you
  • can choose where and when to work as long as there will be enough face-to-face time to bounce the ideas
  • can learn from the veterans of Fortumo and Nortal
  • will have a solid salary based on your experience and impact, plus a decent bonus package
  • will be surrounded by sarcastic humor, friends to disagree with and enjoy regular cool team events
  • will be rewarded with more power, freedom along the way when willing to accept bigger challenges


Having the right attitude and thus match with the team is crucial. The rest can be learned.


So we expect the following from you:

  • sharing the passion to build something big together
  • proven software development track record building web (or native) applications
  • understanding the principles of Agile and Lean, plus having sympathy for them
  • problem solving attitude
  • being able to work independently without having the need for micromanaging
  • experience with some of the following technologies is preferred: Ruby on Rails, Java, Node.js, React (Native), Angular or Vue.js
  • fluent in English